CEo4 project for Digital Art I Evan Price-Ward Personal note, only 2 of the images used are mine, the rest are acquired via Google Images. I do not own them, and take no credit for them. Advertisements

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Project CEo3 for Digital Art I. by Evan Price-Ward, to Professor Christian Deleon. Source for original art: Google Images, Personal files. Personal Note: I do not own 3 of the 5 images used, Image 2 and 5 are mine. I do not take credit for any of the images used except for the ones I […]

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CEo2 blog post. Artist Credit: Ilya Kuvshinov 5 Favorite Things Video Games: Witcher 3, Dark Souls 3, Mount & Blade:Warband, Garry’s Mod, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots. Youtube Channels: Skallagrim, DesertFoxAirsoft, KnightSquire, Angry Joe Show, Pyrocynical.

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